November Newsletter


I love halloween with our kids. All of their excitement and imagination come to life. I also love the day after halloween. Pulling down the decorations and put away the other spooky trinkets.

One goal that we set for our family is to have everything ready for the holidays by December 1st. We want to actually enjoy our holiday season together as a family as opposed to everyone feeling anxious while mommy runs around in circles, frustrated. All we are trying to do is to make everyone have a wonderful holiday but in “trying” so hard everyone ends up feeling stressed, rushed and exhausted.

In the next couple of days I will be sending out my holiday planning system that I have used for the past few years which has really helped us to stick to our December 1st Goal. You can also check out my post on “What do you want your Christmas to Look Like” HERE

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to create new memories with our families, especially our kids.

You can either be the mom who is running around frazzled. Even when you plan special treats with you kids, you are moving too fast. You miss the moment.

or ,

You can be the mom who can be present in those moments with your kids, creating new holiday memories that will last their whole lives because you have got this. You did some extra work in November, you don’t feel overwhelmed and frazzled and can actually tune in and enjoy the holidays yourself also.


Aside from starting to plan the holidays, I have been working to make our website more user friendly. My goal with MOMMYTIMESAVERS is to create a place for moms to find advice on HOW to actually save time. Every mom that I speak with wishes she had more time with her kids, we all see our beautiful babies grow up way to fast and want to soak in every second with them. Unfortunately we have all created too much clutter in our lives, to many to dos, trying to juggle too many things. We are exhausted and end up taking out our exhaustion on those we love the most. Both our families and also us, ourselves deserve more than this. We are working hard to help find solutions that help us to get there.

I hope for each of you to find the peace that comes with knowing you are living each day according to YOUR priorities, instead of according to someone else’s demands.